ARM of Care on eBay – now you can donate when you shop or sell on eBay

Lise —  April 9, 2015

Do you shop on eBay?  Do you sell on eBay?  Now you can select ARM of Care as your favorite charity, so when you buy you can make a donation to ARM of Care when you check out.  Every little bit helps to fund ARM of Care programs that help heal, restore and empower the youth that we serve.

It’s easy, just click the link and it will take you to eBay where you can select ARM of Care as a favorite charity, then it will ask you to log in and remember it for the future.



If you don’t have an Ebay account and just want to send in a donation, look for the “Make a donation: Make a direct and immediate contribution through PayPal” button on the bottom right.




Explain the step-by-step process


1. Add ARM of Care to my charities

2. Sell your items with us linked as a beneficiary of up to 100% of the total (minimum 10%)

3. Shop from items linked to us.

4. Make a donation


ask for everyone to AT LEAST add the charity to their shopping experience

Thank you!